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May 26

How to Make Cement Pots

How To Make Cement Pots (courtesy of PlantersPlace.com)

This is a finished cement pot that has been painted blue. You will need:

A Bucket
Some Mortar

Place roughly 1 part of cement in a bucket.

Place roughly 5 parts of sand in the bucket.

Add enough water to mix to a firm paste. It’s better to add too little water than too much water.

It’s important that the mixture is firm, like the picture here.

Press the cement paste firmly into the base of the pot.

Start pressing the paste onto the sides of the pot. Be patient! If any paste falls off the sides, it may mean the mixture is too wet. If that’s the case, then squeeze out the excess water and push it on the sides again.

Keep building up the pot sides, until you have gone around the whole pot.

Smooth the edges of the pot at the top as best you can, but don’t worry if it’s a bit rough! Roughness is a feature of cement pots. When you’ve finished smoothing the edges of the pot at the top as best you can, let the pot dry.

And, now you will see, this is the finished picture of a painted, cement pot!


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