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Oct 27

Learn How To Make Halloween Cookies

How To Make Halloween Cookies (courtesy of Howdini.com)

Hey there! I’m Laurie Gelman for Howdini.com. Looking for some Halloween treats that aren’t tricky to make? We’ve got some great, new ideas for you! And, by we, I mean, me, of course, and the always inspiring Liv Hansen, for Betty Crocker Kitchens. Great to see you!

You too, Laurie!

This is such an event in my house, I don’t know about you.

Oh, Halloween is very big at our house! Big, big, big! I’m always looking for something different and special to do, as opposed to just the candy that they get when they go trick-or-treating.

It’s pretty easy, this one – you’ll be surprised.

So you say! Let’s start with the fantastic mummy cookies. Boy, are you gonna be popular if you can make these.

Oh, you’ll be able to make them! So, you start – we have a sugar cookie dough that we’ve added some cocoa powder to.

I was gonna say, because sugar cookie dough is usually white?

Yes – we wanted to make a little contrast with the linen wrappings! Basically, you’re just gonna take it out – sprinkle a little flour down so it doesn’t stick, and I’m just gonna knead it a little bit. Get all the little crumbs mixed in.

OK, now I’m gonna start rolling it out. Just put a little excess flour down. I like to flour my rolling pin, too, just to prevent any sticking. That’s a great tip. And, you want to roll this out to about ¼ inch thick. And, a nice tip is, if you’re working and the dough happens to stick a little bit, you can always roll the dough out between parchment paper, and it won’t stick. Ad, you can also pop that in the fridge for a little while and chill up the dough. It makes cutting it out really easy.

And, then we have our little gingerbread man cookie cutter but, of course, this is gonna be a mummy! A good double use of the gingerbread man cookie cutter! So, you place it down, and, my trick for cutting is, you press down and then give it a little shake. And that will separate it from the rest of the cookie. Then you can life up. Wanna try one?

So then, basically, it’s nicely floured, so you can just take a little spatula underneath and then transfer it to your cookie sheet. And, then what we’re gonna do is, we’re gonna animate them. I just wanna show you how we would do that. Basically, you’re just gonna move their arms around a little bit, make them look like they’re running…wanna try one while I get some more on there? Then, they’re ready to go in the oven – great!

We’ve got some ones that are already out of the oven. What do you bake them at?

About 375 for about 7 to 9 minutes. And then let them cool before we start decorating.

Oh, that’s my favorite part! Just don’t eat them!

OK, so, to start to make the linen wrappings, we’re gonna actually fill up freezer bags with, um, vanilla frosting. One nice tip is you can actually put a little piece of tape there, and it will reinforce the tip. I like to roll this over, just to keep it neat. And, you just start to fill it with vanilla frosting. And, I like to twist the edge there, and that will create a little pressure, so it’s easier to squeeze out. So, then we just cut a little piece off the end. There’s one for you.

I’ll have to watch you do it, first!

Sure. So, I’m gonna start down here at the feet. And, basically, you just go back and forth, sort of zig-zaggy, and I like to go the opposite direction on the arms. You can always, like, come back and do some more – fill it in with some ones that go different angles. Looks great!

I learned from the best, let me tell you! Not bad, right? Those look good!

Then, for the eyes, we cut jellybeans in half. Cool! You can use any color eye that you want. You can even do 2 different colored eyes…really whacky!

So, the last step is you just take a little black piping gel, and you squeeze a little pupil on to make them more googly eyes. Cute! Very cool! Those look so great. This is the tip of the iceberg – fantastic!

OK, these look like the yummiest spiders your kids are ever gonna eat!

They’re the only spiders they’re ever gonna eat!

Don’t bet on that! They’re pretty easy to make, right? Let’s do it!

Yes. So, you start with the basic peanut butter cookie dough. Roll it into balls – you can roll it in sugar if you want – gives it a little glisten. And then, when they’re right out of the oven after they’re baked, you put a chocolate covered caramel on top. It has to be really warm, though, so they mush right in there and melt in. And, then you let it sit for about 15 minutes, so that the caramel gets nice and soft. And then, you can start inserting little legs. You can use pull apart licorice, and just stick it right into the side. Because it’s warm, it’s easy to do. You can do 4 on each side.

My daughter told me a Halloween joke – you wanna hear it?


What kind of shoes do ghosts wear?

What do they wear?

BOOts! To a 3-year old, that’s hysterical!

OK, and, while the chocolate’s still hot, you just apply a little candy-coated chocolates for the eyes. Then, we’re gonna do the same that we did before on the mummys. Gonna apply a little googly eyes.

You know, I actually like these cookies together, because it’s kind of like the mummy cookie came back from the grave to eat the spider cookie for Halloween! Thanks so much, Liv!

Thanks, Laurie!

And, there are a lot more party ideas and recipes and hundreds of how-to videos on Howdini.com.


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