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Nov 08

How to Make Hot Buttered Cider

How To Make Hot Buttered Cider (courtesy of ArtOfTheDrink.com)

Welcome to the Art Of The Drink video podcast! My name is Anthony Caparelli, and this week, as part of our AOTD on the road November series, I am working with my wonderful sister-in-law Nola, and we have Thanksgiving this week! So, we’re gonna make my famous Thanksgiving Hot Buttered Cider, which is a cranapple cider-based drink, that has a little bit of bourbon in it. You know, when we talk bourbon in a drink, we’re talking Maker’s Mark – my favorite bourbon! This is a perfect drink to make after Thanksgiving meal, before Thanksgiving meal, it’s terrific for the fall. The bourbon in it is gonna help you feel a little bit less full after pigging out on turkey – it’s just a great drink.

So, what I want to do first, we’re gonna actually finish the drink with a dollop of fresh whip cream. I want to go ahead and get that made. I talked about making this before on the podcasts, but I haven’t actually shown people how to make it, so I want to do that. Real easy to make, and I make this instead of Ready Whip every time. Start with 1 cup of heavy whipping cream. And the secret to making this so easy on yourself is use cold cream – put it in the fridge at least overnight. OK so 1 cup of heavy cream into a mixing bowl. And then, you want confectioner’s sugar – not granulated – you want powdered or confectioner’s sugar. How much you put in is up to you, obviously. I like about 2 tablespoons per cup of cream, so I’m just gonna go ahead and put that in there. And, hand mix, that’s all you’re gonna do.

Now, the key here is to start it slow, or you’re gonna end up covered in cream! So, I’m gonna start it real slow. I’m gonna put it in there and work it around, very gently. And, what’s gonna happen is, the cream is gonna thicken up. As it thickens up, I will increase the speed of the blender very, very slowly. It doesn’t take long – this whole thing takes maybe 4 minutes.

For this drink, what I want to do is take it to just softer than whipped cream. I want to basically just thicken this. You can see, the cream right now is starting to hold the shape of the mixer blades. So, right about there, is where I want to stop. You can see the cream is just barely holding form as the mixer passes through. I’m gonna slow it down, and then lift it gently out. That is a little soft for whipped cream, but that is exactly the consistency that I want.

This is gonna serve 4. So, let’s start with 4 cups of apple cider. Beautiful! Let’s do one cup of cranberry, because this is a cranapple cider, alright? Now, it’s important to use apple cider and not apple juice if you want this to work. Terrific! Now, let’s turn the stove on high. Now we want to sweeten this a little, and maple syrup is the key. Use real maple syrup, not the artificial stuff! 2 tablespoons of maple syrup. Awesome!

Alright, now, here we have a stick of fresh cinnamon, 6 cloves and fresh nutmeg, so go ahead and put in the cinnamon and the cloves, and we’re gonna grate the nutmeg. This is just a standard cheese grater – we’re gonna use the fine holes – and I want you to do about 5 grates of the nutmeg. Right in it. Perfect! And, I said it was hot buttered cider, so let’s go and put in 2 pats of butter.

OK, so what you wanna do is just stir this gently. You want to bring it to a simmer, and simmer it for 3 to 4 minutes. Alright, you can see that it’s just starting to simmer – the bubbles are just starting to break the surface. We don’t actually want to bring it to a boil, like I said, bring this to a simmer for a couple of minutes. We want the cloves and cinnamon and the nutmeg to kind of get all nice a cooked in there, get all those essential oils released in there and flavor that cider.

Terrific! So, we have 2 coffee mugs, just go ahead and ladle it in! I’ll take that off your hands. Now, because this is Art Of The Drink, right, I said we had bourbon and I said we had whipped cream. Let’s go ahead and turn this down so we don’t scorch that cider, and get the bourbon. You can put a shot, which is an ounce and a quarter. I actually like a little bit less – I like just an ounce – but it’s completely to taste.

I did not put the bourbon in before I took it off the heat, because if I would have, all the alcohol would have evaporated. So I take it off the heat first, put it in the cup, and then I add the bourbon. And if you will hit me with just a spoonful of fresh whipped cream – nice! That looks good!

And that is our Thanksgiving Hot Buttered Cider! Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Salude!


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