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Oct 10

Halloween How-to – Make a Hot Glue Web Gun

How To Make A Spiderman Web Gun from A Hot Glue Gun (courtesy of MakeMagazine)

Hi! It’s KipKay from Make Magazine with a special Halloween edition of the weekend projects! You know, when you think of Halloween, a lot of things come to mind – like spider webs! I think it’s amazing that a spider, using only his body, can continually create geometrically complex, advanced shapes, that few, if any of us could perfectly duplicate, and even with a pencil and ruler, it’s very complicated for most people to exactly duplicate. Yet, the spider does it with ease! So, the leftover, sticky debris of spiders long gone are so often used for Halloween, that you can buy all sorts of pre-made cobwebs for your haunted house. Well, today, we’re gonna make our very own spider web shooter that spreads the creeps!

You can find the hot glue web gun by Edmond Wise in the special Make Halloween edition, available in the maker shed. Our hot glue web gun starts with a hot glue gun. And, you need one that’s at least 80 watts. The one that I used was 100 watts. Since our web gun is powered by an air compressor, you’re gonna need an air compressor hose, ¼ inch copper tubing and a number of pipe fittings that you can find in your local home improvement store.

Using your spring tube bending tool, you’re gonna bend your ¼ inch copper tubing in a shape so that it’s right next to and about 1/8th of an inch behind the nozzle of the hot glue gun. When you’re all done, it should look similar to this.

Using the tube cutting tool, you’re going to cut off one end and attach your valve, using the compression fittings. Now, this is going to control the airflow going out of our web glue gun. Then, one more piece of copper tubing needs to be cut and attached to our elbow, using the compression fitting, and then that’s all joined together to build this assembly.

Then, using some teflon tape, we’re going to attach our adapter, which will go to a hose bar, and then that hose bar connects to our piece of air compressor tubing, using a hose clamp. Then, one more hose bar by the other end of our tubing, which will go to our quick release pneumatic fitting.

Now, the whole assembly can be attached to the hot glue gun using zip ties, so it can be removed and you can use the hot glue gun as you normally would later.

And, our hot glue web gun is finished and ready to test out! So, it’s time to fire up our air compressor, and we’re gonna get somewhere between 30 and 50 PSI. And then, we’ll attach our air compressor to our new hot glue web gun connection.

The last step is to test your valve, and make sure you’re getting good airflow through your tubing. And, make some spider webs! By adjusting the airflow and the amount of hot glue that
drips out of the nozzle, you can make some pretty impressive webs!

That’s how to make a hot glue web gun for your haunted house! We’ll see you next week with another weekend project!


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