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Feb 08

Jewelry Making/Soldering How-To

How To Solder Jewelry (courtesy of JewelrySupply)

Hi! I’m Sara, the designer for JewelrySupply.com. In this video, I’m going to show you how to do a soldering technique, but first, let’s go over a couple of safety tips.

The soldering iron becomes hot when you use it, so never leave it unattended around kids or pets.

Always make sure that you have adequate ventilation because we’re using flux, wear short sleeves, remove any excess jewelry that you may have, and always wash your hands after you’re done with this technique.

The first step that you want to take whenever you’re soldering something is to make sure that you have each piece that you’re gonna be soldering together, held so it’s stationary while you’re soldering. For this, I have two 3rd hands,that are each holding one of the copper wires that I’m gonna join together.

For the next step, I’m gonna be using some solder and flux, and we actually sell them in a package that comes together. That item number is S0242. Now, the flux that’s in here comes in this handy little bottle like this. It’s very, very important that you put the smallest amount of flux possible on the joint, due to the fact that, when this flux heats up, if there’s too much on here, it will spatter and spit flux everywhere. And since flux is something you don’t want to get on your hands or onto your clothes, it’s a very good idea to use less in this instance than more.

I mostly have a soldering block underneath the area that I’m gonna be working, and that’s gonna protect my table or any surface that you’re gonna be working on from getting damaged.

Now, take your solder and unravel just a little bit, because you don’t want to be working with your fingernails right next to where you’re gonna be putting the iron. So, unravel a little bit, so you can work with this stick, just like this.

Your soldering iron is gonna get extremely hot, as I mentioned before, so make sure that, even if you have it turned off, you allow for a pretty good range of space between you and the soldering iron at any time.

So, the first thing that we’re gonna do is heat up the soldering iron, and that’s gonna take a little while, so just be calm and patient. The point of the flux being here is to create a vacuum that’s actually gonna suck that solder in all around the joint. So, be listening. And when the hissing stops, then you put the soldering iron onto the solder. When that happens, you know that you’re done and you don’t have any more flux.

So now, I’m putting the solder right here onto the joint, and I’m gonna be putting the soldering iron right over the top of that. Now, this is gonna happen pretty quick. You’re gonna notice that the solder melts, and it’s gonna work its way all around that joint – just like this!

So when you think you have a pretty good joint, remove the soldering iron, put it back into its cradle, and just let the joint sit for a couple of minutes, so that it can cool completely. Remember, these 3rd hands are also made of metal, too, so it’s also a wise idea not to go and immediately start touching them and moving them. Let everything sit. And that’s basically all that there is to basic soldering!

Whenever you’re done using your soldering iron, it is always a good idea to do what’s called tinning to the tips. I’m just gonna allow it to heat up for a minute. And all tinning means is just putting a little bit of solder on the end of it to keep any oxidation away from getting all over the tip of your iron. So when that’s all heated up, you just take a little bit, not a lot, and just put it over the tip. Allow it to cool, and then as soon as it’s completely cool, you can remove the tip from the end of the soldering iron, and you’re set!


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