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Apr 05

Learn How To Throw A Curveball

How To Throw A Curveball (courtesy of Youtube.com/ViewDo)

This is the curveball. You’re gonna throw a curveball primarily when you’re ahead in the count, either one or two strikes and you have fewer balls. Or, you could even mix it up and throw it first pitch in the count, and surprise the batter!

Now, as far as the grip is concerned on a curveball, you’re gonna want to have as much grip on that index finger as possible, So, for a leftie (and this goes the same for a rightie), you want to make sure that your finger is right up there by the stitches, and you’re gonna have that ring finger cradle it right on the other side of that stitch.

OK, the next thing you’re gonna do is you wanna make sure you have as much hand whipping going on as possible. As you notice, as that ball’s going through the air, you’re gonna have that ball at an angle, catching as much air off those laces as possible. And by that, it’s going to drag the air around it and create that down cutter – cutting action.

Now, as far as where to aim, you have 2 options. You can start the curve ball out in the strike zone and have it go into the dirt, making the batter fish for it. Or, you can start it out as a ball and have it drop into the strike zone. This way, if the batter doesn’t hit it, or if he doesn’t swing at it, it might be called a strike.

So again, this is a curveball…right like that.


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