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Jun 28

Learn How To Tie A Scarf

Learn How To Tie a Scarf 5 Different Ways (courtesy of trendyswag.com )

Welcome, Fashionistas! I’m Katherine Akra, your host for TrendySwag.com, your video guide to discovering accessories that compliment your body and enhance your personal style…without emptying your bank account!

On this edition of TrendySwag.com, we will be covering 5 ways to tie a scarf. Are you looking for a trendy way to spruce up that wardrobe? Often times, a simple scarf can make an old outfit look new. Here I give 5 simple ways to tie a scarf:

A Square Knot – use a square scarf, and then fold into a triangle. Flip one end over the other. Take the upper end of the scarf around and behind the other. Pull through and tighten into a knot. This can be worn front, back or side.

Hacking Knot – Use an oblong scarf. Fold it lengthwise, in half. Drape it around your neck, and then pull the ends through the loop and tighten. This can be used on colder days, with a sweater or coat. This style can give an elongated, or slimming, look.

Ascot – Fold a square, silk scarf on the bias. Place around your neck, then flip the ends over each other. You can either leave the ends out, or tuck them into a v-neck shirt or sweater. This style can give you a regal look, especially if worn with a blazer.

A Neckerchief – Fold a small, silk, square scarf on the bias, and then wrap it around your neck. Tie the ends in a knot. You can wear this style with a v-neck sweater, a blouse with a collar with 2 upper buttons open, or a round-necked blouse, giving them a sportier look.

Wrap – Place an oversized square or oblong around your shoulders, or just below. Throw one end over a shoulder, or flip the ends over each other. This can give you a sophisticated look. You can wear this on top of a turtleneck shirt, or wear it with a nice dress, like a shawl.

Thanks for watching TrendySwag.com! I’m your host, Katherine Akra. When choosing accessories that fit you best, always select style before fashion!


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