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Mar 25

Learn How To Tone Your Legs

How To Tone Your Legs (courtesy of HealthLife.com)

Alright, this exercise is called squats, but this is with dumbbells. So, I want you to begin this exercise from a standing position, with your head up, your back straight, your chest out. Keep your feet flat on the ground, shoulder-width apart and, again, your toes should be pointing slightly out, just for balance. Now, hold the dumbbells in each hand, keeping your arms right at your sides, making sure that the dumbbells are obviously of equal weight in both hands.

Now, with your back straight and your head up, slowly lower yourself down, bending your knees only. Inhale as you squat down. Then, when you get the parallels, come back up and exhale. So, squat back down and inhale. When you get to parallels, slowly and gently exhale and come back up.

There’s a few Don’ts in this exercise. Do not allow your knees to go past your toes when you’re doing this. And, do NOT use weights that are too heavy for you! It’s really best to start low with your weights, and then slowly increase your weight as you go on. And, also make sure that your arms are hanging down by your sides throughout the entire squat. The only movement in this exercise at all should come from your legs!


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