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Jul 08

Learn How To Make An Optical Illusion Ring

How To Make An Optical Illusion Ring (courtesy of Howcast.com)

It’s jewelry! It’s an illusion! It’s your very own, cool creation! Here’s how to make a flower ring that will bloom before your eyes! You will need:

Newspaper to cover your work surface

Old clothes or a smock

Clear, dome-shaped beads

Acrylic paint, in different colors

A small paintbrush

A plain ring

Craft glue


Paper towel


Picture from a magazine

Step 1 – Paint a dot on the top of a clear, dome-shaped bead. This will be the center of a flower. Let the dot dry completely.

Step 2 – In another color, paint the petals of the flower and let them dry. If you don’t like how your flower looks, you can just wash off the paint with soap and water and start over!

Step 3 – Now that your flower is totally dry, you’re going to paint right over it with a third color. Your flower will disappear, but, don’t worry! You’ll see it again, soon!

Step 4 – When the paint is dry, flip over the bead. You’ll see your flower, in reverse, and magnified! Instead of painting a flower, you could also cut a picture from a magazine, the same size as the back of your bead. Put a little craft glue on the front of the picture and stick it to the flat back of the bead. The glue will dry clear, so the picture shows through.

Step 5 – Put a drop of glue on the flat part of your ring, and set your bead on top, so the flower is facing up. You can find metal, adjustable rings that have a flat disc on top, at craft or jewelry supply stores.

Step 6 – Let your ring dry for at least an hour or 2, and then, flaunt your bedazzling finger!

Did you know? In ancient Egypt, wedding rings were made from plants wrapped around the finger!


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