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Apr 28

How to Clean your Grill

How To Clean Your Grill (courtesy of SummerKitchen.tv)

How To Clean Your Grill

Keep your grill clean for both health and taste reasons. When it builds up old crusts, it will give off a burned flavor, and the blackened bits create carbon, a carcinogen. Plus, with a clean grate, you get those gorgeous, charred crossmarks – the sign of a healthy grill.

Wash the rack after each use, while it’s still warm. Scrub it with a wire brush and water.

If you notice residue before cooking, burn it off for ten minutes or so, with the lid closed. Turn all the burners on high.

Clean the bottom tray frequently, or replace the grease catch pan, if you have one, as needed.

When you slow-cook a large cut of meat that renders fat drippings, always use an aluminum drip tray to catch the drippings.

At the start of the grilling season, consult your grill’s manual and take it apart and clean all of the parts. Scrub the heating bars and grates in hot, soapy water. Make sure to never touch a hot grill! Scrape away any buildup from the inside walls. Wash the inside and outside with soapy water.

Check the gas fittings for leaks or cracks, according to the grill’s manual.

And remember that thousands of accidents are attributed to grill fires every year. If you grill with charcoal, let the coals cool completely before discarding…overnight, at least. Use a metal bucket to carry the ash, and never put them in the trash. If you can’t bury them, line a paper bag with foil before adding the coal dust.

Taking care of your grill will add years to its life, and a clean grill lets your chicken, steaks and chops taste their best!


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